Residential Irrigation Systems

Yearly Service and Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

A well maintained Irrigation system is essential to guarantee the life of your system and save you money from potentially costly repairs due to neglect. Things we do to provide you the best options for repairs and just general maintenance.
• Proper head to head coverage
• Proper adjustments made to spray patterns
• Landscape growth or changes
• Controller run times and schedule are set correctly
• Check for leaks in zone lines, main line and sprinkler heads
• Test the rain sensor for proper operation
• Water tight connectors on all valve connections
• Upgrades that will help your system conserve water

Irrigation and Sprinkler Repairs

Damage to irrigation systems do occasionally happen this is usually as a result from pool construction or a major landscape job. When this does happen don’t worry CARDINAL IRRIGATION SYSTEMS can fix whatever problem you have.

Spring Start-up

Includes priming of the main line, checking the system for any leaks, program the irrigation system controller with a seasonal appropriate setting, completing a test on each individual zone and ensuring that all sprinklers and system are operational. We will also inform our customers of any repairs and make suggestions to upgrades for maximum efficiency.

Fall Winterizing

Includes shutting off the main line at the source of connection, winterizing all zones and main line using compressed air and ensuring that the controller is set to the off position for the season (unplugging the controller may result in damage to weather systems attached).

Full Service Package

Includes Spring Start-up and Fall Winterizing. A monthly visit in June, July and August to monitor each individual zones performance. Make adjustments to the controller for seasonal conditions. This is a great package to insure the life expectancy of the system last for years to come highly recommended for all commercial and lake pump systems.

Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting can be a great way simultaneously highlight your properties features and really be the one to stand out on your street. This can increase your property value and give you a sense of pride of ownership. We are fully capable of installing, maintaining, and repairing a professional lighting system.

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