Irrigation System Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs and MaintenanceIrrigation systems will need maintenance and repairs should be expected. Finding companies that can provide the necessary repairs for both lawn sprinklers and sprinkler heads is important if you have a irrigation system for your home or business. Repairs and maintenance is not a process an individual should attempt on their own and turn to professionals for help.

What to Look For?

Have you noticed that your irrigation system is not working the way it used too? If this is the case it is time to consider irrigation repairs. When an irrigation system stops working correctly it can cause back up within the pipes, and in turn cause more damage than already occurring. This could become a costly repair if not looked at right away.

If you’ve noticed water pressure doesn’t seem as strong as usual, it could be a simple fix, but it is not something you should put off. Irrigation maintenance is important to keep your lawn sprinklers and sprinkler heads functioning at full capacity.

When to Call

It is important to call right away when you notice things are not working correctly. Whether you only need a few sprinkler head repairs or a full lawn sprinkler repair, maintenance is key. Cardinal Irrigation provides the necessary maintenance and repair services to keep things running top notch. Booking an appointment the moment things are having complications could save you a pretty penny in the long run.

The actual cost of repair and maintenance varies with each individual service call. Every irrigation system is unique, making the actual repair unique as well.

Irrigation Repair Services

Cardinal Irrigation Systems provide the necessary services for both lawn sprinkler repair and sprinkler head repair. Our technicians have received the necessary training and certificates to provide high quality irrigation repair services.

Having a maintained irrigation system is needed if you’re wanting to guarantee the lifespan of your irrigation system. Also having regular maintenance minimizes overall costs down the road, avoiding costly repairs caused from neglect. We provide the best repairs and general maintenance services in Barrie!

Some maintenance and repair services we provide include:

  • Head to head coverage
  • Schedule & run time setup
  • Leak checks within zone lines, sprinkler heads and main line
  • Rain sensor testing
  • Spray pattern adjustments

We are able to provide irrigation repair services for lawn irrigation systems and sprinkler heads of all sizes. We will come determine the issue you’re experiencing and how we can assist you with your repair, the cost and length of time from start to finish.

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